BOZEMAN, Mont. – In a prolific matchup that was broadcast all across the state of Montana, the #2 University of Providence men's hockey team defeated #4 Montana State 4-1 in Bozeman Friday night.

The Argos (17-7) scored three goals in the second period to blow the game open. The Bobcats responded early in the 3rd, but a responding goal from Taylor McCall helped the Argos solidify the victory.

"We came out and played well," head coach Jeff Heimel said. "We played well in that first period even if the production didn't show it. Montana State came out hard and made some good saves early on. We had a chance to break it loose in the second and we never looked back."

Cody Hendrickson, Cooper Page, Jakob Stevenson and McCall all scored for the Argos. Heimel thought it was a entire team effort, but he was particularly pleased with the performance from goalie Tristan Lewis, who recorded 24 saves on the evening.

"He made some big saves," Heimel said. "They had a couple chances early and he just took care of business. It's always helps when you have a good goaltending, especially as we prepare for a playoff run."

The game was broadcast on SWX Montana, which provided a chance for the Argo hockey program to gain some prominence around the state. But more importantly to Heimel, the Argos have developed a rivalry with the Bobcats that he hopes to carry on into the future.

"We really played Montana State six times last year and we kind of sparked a rivalry with them," Heimel said. "Tonight was the most physical game we've played all year. The guys were fired up to play tonight which makes it a fun environment."

The Argos will play the Bobcats again tomorrow. However, the game will be played in Havre, Mont. at 7:30 p.m.

"I told the guys not to get too high or too low," Heimel said. "We want to celebrate the win tonight, but we have another game against them tomorrow. We're at the point in the season where if you win and then lose it can really cost you. Hopefully our guys have already learned that. Every goal matters, every game matters. We're very close in the standings with this team. We don't want to take them lightly tomorrow night."