Once again, Fairfield Elementary’s book fair was a tremendous success.  We hosted a wild, adventurous book fair with amazing support from the community.

We would like to extend a huge “Thank-you” for making it a priority to buy a book, place a paid order, or purchase a book online. Your support helps teach our students the importance of reading.  A special thanks to customers who put extra money in our donation containers, our anonymous donors, and to all the families who shopped because they love books. The book fair was a huge success with the help of our dedicated library workers: Joni Gordon, Amanda Brown, Kelcy Bouma and Trina Wilson.The Scholastic Book Fair is one way we are able to raise money for our library.  Because of your generosity, our profits are around $800 which funds our AR program.  Our classrooms and the library also gained some wonderful books from the book fair. We appreciate the continued support of our annual book fair.