Bailey Diane Brooks, daughter of Amy and Judd Brooks. Bailey plans to attend Brigham Young University - Idaho to obtain BS Degree in Psychology. She then plans to obtain a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Idaho State University.  Awards: 3 Rivers Banner Web $500

Violetta Faye Blackcrow, daughter of Laurie Frank. Violetta is planning to complete some training classes to gain skills to work for a business or Simms High School.

LaChrista Chevelle Hanson, daughter of Mark Runstrom and Tanya Hanson. LaChrista is planning on attending an in state university majoring in athletic training while obtaining a track scholarship.

Grant Helms, son of Robert and Chelsea Helms, is planning to attend police academy.

Lane Aron Hinderager, son of Ty Hinderager and Stephani Johnson, plans to pursue an Electrician’s Apprenticeship through Loenbro in the fall of 2021.

Chad Michael Hitchcock, son of Michael and Tanya Hitchcock, is going to pursue a career as a Power Pole Lineman degree from Montana Tech.

Peter Warren Johnson, son of Garn and Kathryn Johnson, is planning to attend Montana Tech and pursue the Pre-Apprenticeship Lineman Program.

Nathaniel Jake Kapphan, son of Timmy and Dawn Kapphan, will attend the Colorado School of Trades to be a Gunsmith.

Tyler James Kiamas, son of Dale and Lisa Kiamas, is planning on becoming a Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Lucas James Kinkaid, son of Chico and Trena Kinkaid, plans to attend Wyotech to become an Automotive Mechanic.

Kierah Malynn Kriedeman, daughter of Ashley Brass and Michael Kriedeman Sr., is planning to attend the University of Montana and major in business management.

Mia Zoe Lee, daughter of Jesse and Brooke Lee, plans to go on a mission for her church and then go to school at BYU Idaho and start a photography business. Awards: MSUB Yellow Jacket Excellence Scholarship $500; Central Montana Yellowjacket Scholarship $250.

Stephen Alexander Links Jr,  son of Stephen and Kelly Links, is planning to attend a two year college in Exercise Science.

Sam Jon Mishler, son of Tim and Karen Mishler, plans on pursuing a higher education within a field that is yet to be decided by him. Awards: Exchange Club Youth of the Year Award $100

Dallin Joseph Nelson, son of Bobby and Teri Nelson, plans to attend Brigham Young University and play basketball.

Kassidy Lynn Stroh, daughter of Matt and Tizzy Stroh, has plans on going to the academy of salons in Great Falls to presue her dream of becoming a cosmetologist.

Breanna Mae Runstrom, daughter of David and Cindy Runstrom, is planning to attend The University of Montana Western and major in Natural Horsemanship.

Brennyn Rushton,  son of Alan and Holly Rushton, is planning on participating in an electrical engineering apprenticeship program.

Caden Robert Smerker, son of Kevin and Melissa Smerker, is planning to attend Montana Tech to pursue a degree in accounting.

Trevor Stephens,  son of Mark Stephens and Jennifer Haack, has plans to become an electrician’s apprentice out of high school or attending either University of Montana or Montana State University-Northern and majoring in Biology. Awards: Ace Student of the Year Scholarship: $1,500; University of Montana Academic Achievement Scholarship: $500; 3 Rivers Banner Web $500.

Kelsie Shay Tadlock, daughter of Eric and Charla Tadlock, is planning to attend Great Falls College MSU to major in nursing. Awards: Great Falls College MSU Bookstore Scholarship: $500; Porro Famliy Memorial Scholarship $1,500.

Kaidin Zachery Thibert, son of Brandon and Elizabeth Thibert, is undecided on his plans. Awards: Lion’s Club $500

Timer Lyle Thomas, son of trace and Leslie Thomas, is planning on attending the work force for a while and then plans to attend saddle school in Belgrade Montana.

Amanda Lynn Schmalzried, daughter of Brian Schmalzried, plans to attend University of Montana Missoula and major in clinical psychology. Awards: Academic scholarship: $2,000, other University scholarships: $8,000.

Mandy Leigh Widmer, daughter of Billy Widmer and Mandy Keiper, is planning on entering the workforce after high school in order to find what career is appeals to her.

Mia Ann Widmer,  daughter of Mandy Keiper and William Widmer, is planning to attend Connole-Morton Real Estate School in June.

Ashlee Rose Wilcox, daughter of Melinda Thompson and Dusty Wilcox, plans to attend MSU Northern and becoming a diesel mechanic.