Power School Library Awarded 3 Rivers Communications Grant

Photo courtesy 3 Rivers Communications

The Power School Library was recently awarded a 3 Rivers Communications Enhancement Grant.  

Proceeds from the $1,300 grant were used to buy computer equipment and supporting peripherals to place self -checkout and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) kiosks in the library. Students have been using the equipment since November with much success.  

According to Mrs. Vick, “The 3 Rivers grant has given our students an opportunity to independently use technology by accessing our school library catalog within the library and providing equipment to check out books using an I-Pad and laser scanner.  These skills that will transfer into many adult daily situations, such as buying groceries using self-checkout and completing routine household tasks online.”

Representatives from 3 Rivers recently visited the school and observed the students using the equipment.  Third grader Cameron Keel volunteered and gave 3 Rivers guests a very concise explanation on how the products are used.  Mrs. Vick said, “He explained the use of the equipment as well as I could have.  It was awesome to see the students’ understanding of the value of technology in our school.”