Despite being unable to hold their prom this year, Fairfield High School’s student body voted for their Prom Royalty.

According to Della Lonner, those selected were “surprised” by the news when they were told, in person, at their homes. I imagine it must be what it’s like when Publishers Clearing House shows up at your door!

The winners were told last Thursday.

The Junior class Advisors were Kari Patterson and Jessica Bolles. The young ladies assisting with the coronation were Rebekka Hoiland and Lenci Patterson.

The 2020 Fairfield Prom Royalty are: Brayden Kolwyck, Prom Junior Prince; Gaice Blackwell, Senior Prom King; Reegan Carper, Senior Prom Queen and Olivia Copenhaver, Prom Junior Princess. Courtesy photos