Fairfield Elementary School Supplies List

Fairfield Elementary School Supplies List

Below is a list of necessary supplies for students, Grades EK-6, for the upcoming school year.

All students grades EK-8 need to bring clean tennis shoes for P.E. classes in the gym.

Grade EK: Backpack, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, water bottle, extra clothes, pillow for quiet time and paint shirt with name on it.

Grade K: Backpack (big enough for a 10x12 folder), water bottle, clean tennis shoes for PE (please initial or write name in them), box of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes and Expo Markers.

Grade 1: Backpack, plastic pencil box, pencils, small box of crayons, 2 glue sticks, scissors, 4 packs  Expo Markers and 1 eraser, 1 folder, 1 wide-lined composition book, deck of cards, clean tennis shoes for PE (Velcro is best), water bottle, box of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes and highlighters.

Grade 2: Clean backpack, large plastic “tool box” to hold supplies, #2 pencils ( no mechanical please), 2 large erasers, 2 large glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, small box of crayons, small bottle of glue, 1 composition books (wide ruled), deck of playing cards (for math), 4 Expo markers (at least 2 colors), old sock to erase marker boards with, water bottle with name on it, tennis shoes for PE, 2 large boxes of Kleenex (1 for each semester), and Clorox wipes.

Grade 3: Large plastic pencil box to hold supplies, number 2 pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, old sock or dry eraser, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, fine tip markers, regular markers, 3x5 index cards, 2 durable folders with pockets, 2 composition notebooks, 2 spiral notebooks, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, and P.E. shoes,

Grade 4: Number 2 pencils (No mechanical pencils), spiral notebook (for journal), notebook paper (NOT tablet and not collegiate lined), 3x5 index cards (for vocabulary), eraser, three folders, colored pencils, highlighter, ballpoint pen, crayons, small tipped expo markers, ruler (with centimeters & inches), clean tennis shoes for P.E., small bottle of glue or glue sticks & scissors, multiplication flash cards, hand sanitizer, box of Kleenex.

Grade 5: Loose leaf, wide rule notebook paper, composition book, 3 folders with pockets, pencil box, pencils, blue or black pen, erasers, crayons or markers, Expo Markers (1 pkg  mixed colors), ruler, glue stick, highlighters, scissors, lined 3 X 5 index cards, box of Kleenex, clean tennis shoes for PE, 1 stretch book covers.

Grade 6: 2 ½” Binder, Subject divider with pockets (8 ea), pencil pouch (with holes to go in binder), loose leaf paper (1 packs), correcting pen, highlighters, lined note cards (2 each), Expo Markers, Pencils, Pens, Colored pencils, Glue stick, Box of Kleenex, 2 Composition notebooks and 1 spiral notebook and scissors.

It is recommended that the younger students have PE shoes with Velcro.

Supply List - 7th and 8th Grade

Language Arts: 3 ring binder (2 inch) will stay in room, subject dividers (8), correcting pen-red, pens/pencils (black or blue only), index cards (1), calculator, highlighters (2), Expo Markers, Headphones

Science: index cards, highlighters, binder, Expo Markers

Math-Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. Bolles: 3 ring binder (1 1/2 inch or larger) - one large binder *to hold all subjects is acceptable*,  loose leaf paper,page dividers, pencils, Expo markers - at least two, calculator, correcting pen, eraser, 3 ringed pencil pouch (to put in binder).    

Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. Bolles expect you to have these things daily.