Teton County 4-H held its annual carcass award program Tuesday, August 10, at the Stage Stop Inn.  Members who attended the program were eligible for the awards.  Choteau Lions Club sponsored the trophies, North Montana Feeders sponsored the beef monetary awards and monetary awards for swine, goat and lamb were paid through the awards account funded by the generosity of many local donors.  And the winners are... 

Goat Carcass:   


 Karen Forseth with Kyona Yeager

Champion:  Kyona Yeager 

Reserve:  Addie Pearson 

Lamb Carcass: 


Karen Forseth with Jacob Major

Champion:  Jacob Major 

Reserve:  Boaz Lytle 

3rd Runner-Up:  Andrew Major 

Swine Carcass: 


Karen Forseth with Jeremiah Rammell

Champion:  Jeremiah Rammell 

Reserve:  Grace Toeckes 

3rd Runner-Up:  Charlie Long 

Beef Carcass: 

Champion:  Aundra Passmore 

Reserve:  Angus Lidstrom 

3rd Runner-Up:  Cyler Yeager 

In addition to the above winners, Teton County 4-H members had 10 other beef carcasses that achieved designation as “Steer of Merit” and six additional swine carcasses that qualified for the “Symbol of Excellence.”  The top three lamb carcasses noted above were also designated as Certified Lamb.  These are phenomenal carcass results and congratulations to all who achieved them!