It has been 75 years since Fairfield native, Roy Meyer, served as the National FFA 4th Vice President. In 1942, when two national officers were drafted into World War II, there was never any doubt that the exemplary Montana FFA State President would be the perfect young man to fill one of those roles.

In honor of this milestone year, the organization started looking into collecting an oral history from Roy. Berit Bedord and Emily Evans from Fairfield FFA along with Caroline Roeder from Choteau FFA recently had the opportunity to meet and interview him for the national officer archives.

Now, at the age of 94, Roy Meyer left his mark on the world in more ways than one. He graduated from Fairfield High School in 1941 and was elected our Montana FFA state president that spring. Roy was “well known for the work [he] had done in the state organization,” such as serving as a Montana delegate to the national convention twice, once when receiving the American FFA degree. Roy was out working on the farm when he received word of his promotion to national office. “It was really quite exciting for a little farm boy,” he told us with a smile. 

One of the most memorable duties of his national officer career was an executive board meeting in Washington D.C. where the team deliberated about prospective American Degree candidates, edited the rules for a national contest, and experienced D.C. “There was a young singer going to perform at the Watergate,” remembered Roy, “we knew he was going to be a big star.” That aspiring artist was Frank Sinatra.

Ag remained an integral part of Roy Meyer’s life. While in high school Roy, along with his father and brother, Al, invented the Meyer Ditcher. Roy went on to run the company and manufacturing plant for a good portion of his adult life.

This past week, at the 91st National FFA Convention, Roy was recognized for his contributions to the organization and his photograph will be added to the wall of national officers at the National FFA Center in Indianapolis. Justin Forseth and I had the honor of presenting Roy with an engraved crystal cube as a gift from the FFA, “celebrating 75 years in 2018.”

The members of Fairfield FFA are proud to be a part of the chapter that Roy Meyer helped charter and build.