One of the truths of this world is that all living things are mortal. Only we humans realize that we are alive and we are going to die.  We know that to enjoy life well, we must make peace with our death. One way to make peace with our death is to live life fully, compassionately, and responsibly.  A life well lived is like a pebble dropped into a still pond. Its ripples last on way past the initial drop.

Some believe in an afterlife; some do not. However, this we know: lasting immortality is in the memory and influence of how we will be remembered. How will you and I be remembered? Who do we impact? Is it for better or worse?

This brings us to the concept of human agency, the power to think of ourselves and others and to use our individual power to impact others and the world. Our human agency includes our duties, responsibilities as human citizens of this community and the world, responsibilities as family members, as club and organization members, as political party members. Our human agency is the ability to make choices and impose those choices on the world and others’ free will.  It has a moral component.  We judge ourselves as to our impact on others; we judge their reactions as well.

We humans are sinitude creatures; we make moral judgements on others’ behavior, unlike the non-human inhabitants of this world.   It very much matters how we live our lives before we die.  How are you as a free, moral constructive/destructive agent in the world? How are you impacting your family, your community, your state, your world?

We are not victims; we are agents. We are in charge of our self-care and others’ care.  We are faced with social justice issues, with Covid challenges, with financial problems. We human agents can handle these challenges. We have faced serious challenges before as a society. We can choose to be purposeful; be happy; be of use in this world…….or not.

Jane Lawther, Augusta, MT/ Irmo SC