Augusta Museum To Present Heritage Day

Welcome to Augusta

Over Memorial Day weekend I found myself shivering on the side of a creek in the Bob, watching my gear float away as I gripped my dislocated shoulder. Because of a few Good Samaritans from the Rocky Mountain Front, I am alive and now at home in Missoula recovering.

I am originally from Maryland and have been living in Montana for just two years. The selflessness with which everyone dropped their Memorial Day plans to help me and ensure I was taken care of-- it genuinely does not exist where I grew up. I want to give special thanks to Wayne Steed of Fairfield, Bill & Connie Trogdon of Great Falls, the Augusta Volunteer Ambulance crew (especially Debbie, Bonita and Leon), and the folks of Mel’s Diner. You are my heroes!

Danny Tenenbaum

Missoula, MT