Healthcare in this country has become exceedingly complex and confusing. After working over 40 years in the healthcare industry I have concluded that many rules, regulations, standards of care and performance expectations continue to expand to an overwhelming degree. As consumers of healthcare, we want access, competent providers, quality assurance and positive outcomes. All of this comes with a price that must be paid…and that price can be argued and debated as to who pays for what! We all have a responsibility in this whether or not we agree as to the specifics.

As citizens of Teton County and the Hospital District we pay taxes that support both the nursing home and Teton Medical Center. Both facilities face fiscal issues that must be addressed for continued visibility. We will vote on the TMC’s request for an increased mill levy in June. I am a proponent for supporting this mill levy as I realize the benefits of having 24/7 emergency care, acute hospital services, community clinic availability, as well as extended care for our seniors.

The ripple effect of having TMC in our county is vast and far reaching…from providing a safe retirement destination, to offering full family services to those who want to stay in this area and raise their families. Health care experts across the nation have cited again and again that smaller rural hospitals need a sustainable non-operating source of revenue in order to survive. That source comes in part from us as a tax paying citizen. Please help protect our economy and support this mill levy by voting yes.

Gretchen Fitzgerald

Fairfield, MT