Dear Teton County,

It has become more than apparent that things in the Teton County Republican Central Committee and subsequently Teton County Republican politics have gotten out of hand.  The Teton County Grand Old Party just wasn’t Grand.  In fact, you may say it was broken, stained, disheveled and adrift. 

The first step to solving any problem is admitting you have one.  To the credit of those involved, they admitted it and needed a fix. So what is next?  Oh yes, the always prevalent “Who is to blame for the problem in the first place?”  History will show that all issues, this one included, have two sides and with each side there is their own story. 

But wait, we don’t know who to blame!  Should we toss Party “A” under the bus for standing strong in their convictions, or should we toss Party “B” under the bus for having just as strong of convictions and standing firm?  Certainly it has to be either Party “A” or Party “B” doesn’t it?  I know, let’s wait it out and see what the Court of Public Opinion has to say, after all, they always know the scoop, right?

Here is the verdict:  The blame in the matter of Teton County Republican Central Committee vs. Teton County Republican Central Committee hereby falls to: Me. 

I have been a member of this committee again for just under a year.  I took a position within the Central Committee as 2nd Vice Chair.   What could happen being in that spot, right?  How is the Chairman and the 1st Vice Chair ever going to step aside and leave me at the top?  Trust me when I say, nothing is impossible in politics.  So, on April 7th, 2014 the impossible happened and I took over as Chairman of the Teton County Republican Central Committee. 

In the past three plus weeks, I took for granted that the meetings I missed and the events I passed on attending were going along smoothly.  I was apathetic to my local politics while I spent many days pontificating about things on the National level, a level well out of reach.  Meanwhile, back in the County, the grassroots foundation was fractured and failing.

With April 7, 2014 in the past and having put that behind us, we are as a group getting back to the basics and doing what we are supposed to do as a Central Committee, advancing the beliefs of the Republican Party here in Teton County.   Only in going through the bad are we able to see the good.  There is plenty of good to come.

I write this not as the Chairman of the TCRCC, but rather as a person who came to realize just how rapidly things can change when you take things for granted.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or issues you feel are relevant to the GOP here in Teton County.


Chris Hindoien

Choteau, MT