Thank you to Teton Medical Center (TMC) and the EMS Responders.  Without TMC being available Tony’s situation would have been a total different outcome.  Tony suffered a massive heart attack and I was able to have him to TMC within 10 minutes.  I called on my way to TMC and told them I was a few minutes out as I thought Tony was having a heart attack.  The nurses met me at the door and they went into action.  Stephanie Catron and Dr. Judy Borland responded as did members of the Choteau EMS to assist with the CPR.  They never gave up on Tony and because of their knowledge and dedication Tony is alive and at home after 22 days at Benefis Hospital.  

All the Benefis doctors and nurses that worked with Tony stated “because TMC and EMS Responders did act and perform correctly Tony is alive and functioning”.  

If our county did not have TMC a lot of lives may have had a different outcome too.  We all need to come together to support Teton Medical Center, not only be voting for the levy, but by utilizing TMC, the Clinic, the lab, xray, physical therapy, occupational therapy and any other service available at TMC as these services are for everyone. Because TMC has a respected physical therapy and occupational therapy department I was able to bring Tony home to complete his rehabilitation recovery among his many friends.  We are very fortunate to have this wonderful facility in our community.  

Let us keep it here.

Very Appreciative,

Paula and Tony Jaconetty

Choteau, MT