By Marcie Mangold, Manager

Skyline Lodge

I am writing this column in hopes that the residents of Choteau and the surrounding areas will have a better understanding of Skyline Lodge and what we are all about.

Skyline Lodge is an independent senior and disabled living center. Members of the community who had a vision for the future built the Lodge. Residents may reside here for as long as they would like, as long as they are able to comply with the terms of the lease. We offer housekeeping services, and we have a meal program that provides three meals per day, allowing residents to live without the stress of meal preparation.

The residents of Skyline are able to employ the services of home-health personnel. This allows them to remain in their homes without being forced to move into an assisted living facility. These home-health services are available to anyone regardless of where you live or your income level.

We are seeing a huge change in healthcare. Services for individuals wishing to live in their own private homes or apartments have been expanded to allow elderly and disabled residents to remain in their homes longer. In years past, these same individuals would have been forced to move into an assisted living facility like Bee Hive Homes in Choteau or Front Range Assisted Living Center in Fairfield or into a long-term care facility like the Teton Medical Center Extended Care Facility or the Teton Nursing Home, both in Choteau, because home-health services were not as readily available.

Let me be perfectly clear: We are fortunate to have such great facilities for individuals to move into should they need the specialized care. They provide a necessary service for our community.

But, it is not the decision of the management or the board of directors of Skyline Lodge to “move” a resident of Skyline Lodge to an assisted living facility or a long-term care facility. We do not make decisions of that magnitude in an individual’s life. That is a decision that is made by the resident and their family.

I don’t know about you, but I am grateful to live in a nation that allows us to make those decisions for ourselves.

I hope this has cleared up any misconception that Skyline Lodge is “not allowing” or “not requiring” its residents to move to TMC or TNH adding to the financial difficulties felt by both facilities.

We are very proud of Skyline Lodge and the caring and friendly staff. We are working hard to provide an environment that is truly stress-free living without the worries of cooking, cleaning, shoveling snow and mowing lawns. Providing, stress-free independent living in the beautiful surroundings of the Rocky Mountain Front is what we do.

Marcie Mangold of Choteau is the site manager of Skyline Lodge, a 51-unit senior and disabled living complex in Choteau. She can be reached at 466-2062 for more information about the Lodge.