Many of you have expressed concern in regard to the ice and or water build up on the south side of Avenues and on some shaded street areas.  Fairfield Town Officials share and understand your concerns.  As Mayor, I take the privilege to state that this has often been a problem since 1978 – the year of my family’s arrival in Fairfield; therefore, this problem is not unique to the present Town Officials.

However, we have discussed possible solutions and are trying the following procedure in an attempt to improve this troubling ice problem.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  Your cooperation is critical for any success.

When we (you) see a snow warning for an evening, even into the next day, we ask that you  park any and all vehicles on the North side of the Avenues before retiring for the evening.  Our crew of two begin plowing about 4:00 a.m.  There are copies of the Draft Snow Removal Policy in the Town Office, which outlines for you the priority areas for early plowing.

When these priorities are fulfilled, the Town crew will begin plowing snow from the South side of Avenues into the middle of the Avenues.  They will clear intersections to allow for turning onto and off streets.  This plowing will begin on 4th Avenue North and move to 3rd Avenue North, etc. until their workday ends.  If we are unable to complete the process, it starts over the “next morning.”  The exception for “next morning” will be starting on any Avenues and Street problem areas that were left undone the previous day due to lack of time.  When the South sides have been plowed, we will start on the North sides and ask that you move vehicles accordingly. 

As you know, it is very difficult and time consuming to plow around vehicles, trailers and any other obstructions left in the way.  Un-cleared snow in such areas will cause the same old damming and icing problem.  Please help us try to solve this irritating problem!

If you have questions please call Ward Fifield at 467-2510 and leave a message if I am out of the office.  I do return calls.


Mayor Ward Fifield