Typewriter. Stock photo.

Dir Sir,

Glad to hear you got yourself checked out for your heart and are doing well.

We love your paper. I look forward especially to our legislator updates and the opinion columns. Common sense and great journalism reigns!

I (surprisingly read the entire story which ran not long ago on the water issues in Montana. The writer did a great job providing information that was understandable to a lay person such as myself and also keeping it interesting.  Not an easy feat, especially in this culture of sound bites.

Thanks for your good writing and fabulous managing of a good newspaper.


Phyllis Tryon, Great Falls.

Dear Darryl,

So sorry to hear about your “trek” to the hospital but so glad you did not hesitate about going.

You better take care of yourself - we want you around for a long, long, long time.

Rick and Candy Corey

Dear Darryl,

Just taking a peek to make sure you are doing great and all back to where you should be.

Take care,

Dale and Chuckie Beck


Thanks for the beautiful red tulips. It’s been fun the last two weeks sharing the flowers and seeing all the smiles!!

We are happy you are on the mend and feel much better.

Sandy and the gang at the Bank

• • •

Thank you to each and every one of you who were kind enough to drop me a note, call or stop by and say “hi.”

It means an awful lot that, in this day and age, there are still people who value that old-fashioned, personal form of communication - the handwritten note.

There is a lesson to be learned (by me!), and that is how much it means when someone takes a moment to reach out to us in some personal manner. It means a lot. And it sure beats a “shout” on Facebook!