Montana State Capitol

Montana State Capitol

30 December 18

To the editor:

The 2019 Montana Legislative session will convene on January 7th.  On the 8th of January, the House will consider a change to the rules in effect for the last 30 years.  This House rule states that it takes a super majority of 60 votes to “blast” a bill out of committee onto the House floor.  All the minority Democrats plus a handful of wayward Republicans, i.e.: “Undocumented democrats” want to change the rule so that a simple majority of 51 can move bills to the House floor.

This legislation will seriously damage the numerical advantage the Republican Party holds in the House and gravely weaken the power of the Speaker of the House.  This transfer of power to the Democrat minority and the Democrat Governor will be accomplished with the help of these local “Undocumented democrats”:  Ross Fitzgerald, Llew Jones, Wendy McKamey, Fred Anderson and Ed Buttrey.  These 5 local “Republicans” plus another 10 or so statewide will attempt to destroy the Republican majority in the state House.

Please take the time to contact these Legislators and express your opposition to their plan.

J. C. Kantorowicz

Great Falls