In November 2009, a computer hacker revealed the case for human-caused global warming is a deliberate fraud perpetuated by unethical scientists employed by the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The emails show clearly that this group of unscrupulous but powerful people modified the world’s temperature data, deleted the raw data, made sloppy climate models and co-opted the scientific review process so as to silence their opponents.

    No longer can governments, politicians, universities, scientific organizations and the general public accept the IPCC as the authoritative voice on Climate Change.

    Complicit in this fraud are the majority of our self-serving politicians; presidents of both parties; mainstream media; large corporations; national laboratories; universities where global warming has become an institutional religion; well-funded environmental organizations; brainwashed activists; government bureaucrats; and state and local politicians who support the United Nations Sustainability and Smart Growth programs in over 500 cities in America.

    The information, as it has been exposed, destroys the basis for alarmist claims based on IPCC reports. It invalidates government actions, scientific organization statements, federal and state laws, bogus carbon credits, ill-described carbon footprints, promotions of carbon sequestration, inaccurate school textbooks, overhyped college and university courses, all courtroom testimony, sustainability and smart growth actions, and land and water confiscations based on the assumption that the IPCC spoke the truth.

    The term “deniers” has now taken on a new meaning. The real “deniers” are those who desperately or blindly refuse to admit the truth that global warming is a fraud.

    Now is the time to unravel all the laws that make us waste our time and money counting carbon atoms. Our children should no longer be made to feel they are destroying the planet by riding in mom’s SUV or by eating a hamburger.

    Our children’s future is best preserved by saving our freedom rather than by following a false religion that will make them slaves.

Edwin X Berry, PhD

Atmospheric Physicist