Signatures Being Gathered In Fairfield To Dissolve County Hospital District

Left to right: Jackie Weist, Eva Anseth and Bill Lattin review the signatures on the petition to dissolve the Teton County Hospital District. The petition is located at the Fairfield Town Hall. Copies are also available at Fairfield Drug and at the Berry Patch.

NOTE: In the print edition, we incorrectly identified Jackie Weist as Sue Lattin. We apologize for the error.

The petition to close the district that formerly operated the Teton Medical Center is moving right along.  With this beautiful warm weather, the collectors will be working on contacting those who have not signed.  

Health care is changing and with this in mind we need to act positively and look to the future.

Benefis Teton Medical Center, a private nonprofit company, purchased TMC in 2015.  BTMC is bringing several new programs to Choteau, transportation to Great Falls appointments, OB-GYN doctor for patient visits and the tele-health station.  However, BTMC and the foundation are not eligible to receive the funds that are still in the TMC fund because they are private entities.  TMC has approximately $497,000 and by dissolving the district these funds can be used for health care in the district.  There would no longer be a TMC board and the 6 mill- levy would be wiped off the books.

Some health care where these funds could be used are Fairfield ambulance barn, Choteau ambulance barn project, QRU in Pendroy, EMT personnel and training, health department and mental health. The ambulance and QRU services are vital for emergencies and transports, and with these improvements for these services our community will be served well.  So, let’s put these funds that are just sitting there to good use for our communities.  

If you are a property owner and have not signed a petition, PLEASE take the time to do so.  Petitions are available in Choteau at Clerk and Recorders office, Senior Center, Library, Country Hallmark, and Rocky Mountain insurance; in Fairfield City Office, Berry Patch, and Fairfield Drug; and Swanson Agency in Pendroy.  Contacts in Choteau are: Patti Blauer 590-3811, Mona VanDeRiet 403-3666, Eva Anseth 466-2334, Carol Cole 466-5530, Rosie Stern 590-2566, Deb Saylor 590-4125, Nancy Stott 466-2504, and Jackie Weist 799-0954.  In Fairfield Bill Lattin 467-2901 and Lynn Wright 467-3398.  

If you would like to help get this project complete or have any questions please contact any of us and we can get you the packet or answer any questions.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions our next meeting will be April 5 at 10:00 at the Choteau Senior Center.  

Jackie Weist

Choteau, MT