Both the Fairfield Sun times and Choteau Acantha carried an letter written by Vicki Baker of Bynum supporting Llew Jones for Senate and Christy Clark for the House last week.

Left out were some important facts that we, as voters, might be interested in:

• She had just resigned her position as Treasurer of the Teton County Republican Central Committee;

• Vicki is Christy Clark’s campaign treasurer.

• She had just resigned her position as the organizer of the annual Republican Shrimp Peel coming up on Saturday, April 5. 

Furthermore, in a letter to the Teton County Republican Central Committee, Vicki named me as the reason for causing a split in the Party after filing against Clark in the HD 17 race.

How can anyone who claims to support a vibrant Republican Party ignore the Constitutional and Party process for choosing the best candidates?  Is it an unwritten rule that no one can oppose an incumbent?  Isn’t this the Good Ole Boy stuff that we are all sick and tired of?  It seems to me that opposing candidates bring out the best in each other and provide better choices for the voters.

Voters are tired of the smoke and mirror approach our politician’s are shoving down our throats.  It seems facts aren’t important just a perception of reality instead. 

Many Republicans in Teton County, including Vicki, have worked hard over the years to develop one of the premiere GOP events held in Montana. What a shame that a few incumbents and their supporters  threaten this event to silence the “loyal opposition.”

Republicans of Teton County will continue with a Shrimp Peel on Saturday evening April 5 at the Pavilion in Choteau.  We welcome all to attend, meet and listen to the all candidates and make their own choice.

Jim Anderson

Choteau, MT