These six ladies have played cards together every week for over 50 years until the virus came along. They also were married 50 years, except Verda and Jim Krause (68) and Maria and Ray Meyer (66). No divorces.

Together they have 25 children, too many grand children to mention. Their children all went to Fairfield High School and many of them went off to college, and some came back and have chosen to live here.  These ladies went to most of their activities thru the years – basketball, football, wrestling, FFA, Science Fair, etc.

The ladies bowled for years at the Aragon Bowl until a fire destroyed the building.  It was one of Fairfield’s meeting spots. There was bowling, pool, dancing, and a restaurant.  Every age just seemed to go there.  They had good music and people from other towns would come too.  Made some great times there.

They also have all golfed through the years and volunteered at the Choteau and Benefis East hospitals. These ladies worked on the Teton Election Board for many years. They made the salads for Fairfield Swim Day and sold tickets to the barbeque.

They belong to three different churches – Lutheran, UCC, Catholic, etc. They also had political views, but never let that be a problem. We go along because we didn’t let it hurt to think different and it didn’t always think we had to think the same.

The Golden Oldies are 95, 92, 90, 89, 88, and 85. They have been around a long time.

Four are widows and two are still married.  They go back a long time and will be friends forever!