I would like to extend my apologies to the community of Fairfield for missing the “Meet and Greet” hosted by Taylor Brown last week. I had made a commitment to my family to attend another function that day, and although I am campaigning, I am still a mom first. I will do my best to schedule another event in Fairfield soon.

In addition I would like to dispel a couple of misconceptions that have been asserted. First of all, the Teton County Shrimp Peel was postponed after our central committee met and voted. We had a healthy discussion and took a vote. Jim Anderson asserted in his letter last week that this was somehow an under handed tactic, but he was in attendance and voted to postpone the Shrimp Peel as well. It is unclear who formed the limited liability corporation “Teton County Republican Shrimp Peel,” but I know for certain it is not our local central committee and it is not clear where the money from that event will go. In a similar analogy could anyone form a LLC called Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department and hold fund raisers and keep the money? I have spent countless hours educating people on the dangers of “Dark Money” and this is a fine example of how it works. Dark money deceives people into believing they are something other than they are, such as the LLC formed “Teton County Republican Shrimp Peel LLC.” They are deceitfully pretending to be our local county Republicans when in fact they are not. Our local central committee voted to postpone the Shrimp Peel, so the event will be rescheduled at a later date and we would greatly appreciate the communities support and understanding.

Finally, my voting record has been misrepresented, and voting records are public and easily verified. Of the bills we passed about 80 percent are agreed upon by both Democrats and Republicans because honestly much of the state’s business is not controversial. Of the other twenty percent that are partisan bills I voted with the Republicans 90 percent of the time. I tend to vote against bills that are detrimental to rural issues, as I represent you, rural people. I served as a majority whip last session, so I was in leadership, and yet I voted with the Republicans more than our Majority leader who only voted with the Republicans 88 percent of the time. I am extremely proud of my voting record, and proud to be a strong voice for rural residents…I don’t believe you elected me to blindly follow but rather to thoughtfully represent you. In the coming weeks there will be much information to sift through and I encourage all of you to be engaged and feel free to contact me anytime. I welcome competition but not deception.

Gratefully yours,

Christy Clark

Representative House District 17

Editor’s Note: Teton County Republican Shrimp Peel LLC., in their ads printed in the Fairfield Sun Times and the Choteau Acantha, included a disclaimer stating they were not affiliated with the Republican Central Committee.