Once again the battle begins.  Isn’t it a shame that we have lost basic civility in our society and especially our politics?  The political spectrum has become more polarized with each election.  Democrats elect more left wing liberals and the Republicans elect more ring wing conservatives.  We no longer have a voice for moderates in either party.  If you aren’t liberal enough, you will be attacked by the Democrat liberals and if you aren’t conservative enough, you will be attacked by the right wing Republicans.  Here lies the problem; most Montanans are common sense, fiscally conservative people who believe that we should send Representatives and Senators to our legislature that will work for the common good.  I want a Representative and Senator that will go to Helena and Washington DC and represent the Montana value of common sense.   Many politicians and or candidates think that by agreeing to a compromise of any kind they are not representing their party.  The political parties don’t elect you, the people do.  Winning an election does not mean you can ignore the 49% of constituents that did not vote for you; you represent all constituents of the district. 

Please join me in supporting candidates that will talk about the issues.   Lets’ not reward the negative smear campaigns in the primary or general election.  Candidates are generally good people.  Nobody deserves to be ridiculed for their beliefs, nor should any family have to watch a loved one being attacked over politics.   I can promise you this, I won’t vote for any candidate that engages in a negative campaign and I hope you won’t either.  Candidates, stick to the issues and be civil.

Russell Bean

Augusta Montana