All Republicans Are Invited To Shrimp Peel This Saturday


The Teton County Republican Shrimp Peel is a time honored tradition that republicans have enjoyed for decades.

Citizens whose beliefs align with those of the Republican Party are grateful to the members of the community who step outside their normal everyday functions and make the decision to run for public office. It is at this respected event that those grateful citizens grant candidates the privilege to speak. An unbiased platform is offered to all candidates.

Contrary to some rumors, the mission of the event is not steeped in the ideals of favoritism, nor is it attempt to impugn or slander the character of any candidate. Likewise, the idea that the event was reorganized to bolster one candidate’s appeal to the community is relatively incongruous.

All republicans are invited to attend. It is a great time to enjoy good food, and hear from aspiring candidates. It offers the good citizens who attend the appropriate opportunity to glean the necessary information they need to make an informed decision in their primary vote.


Ben Collins, President

Teton County Republican Shrimp Peel LLC