If you were harassed by a person claiming to be a journalist what should you do?

We know that Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte was harassed by a person claiming to represent a British journal. Harassment was annoying and steady.

There are claims that Mr. Gianforte’s stern response was sudden and “unprovoked.”

There also are claims that Mr. Gianforte stood up for all of us in his response and that nobody should be harassed. What constitutes a provocation? Is there a right to trespass and dominate private events? Can an activist claim to be a reporter?

Should public figures be harassed while the rest of us are protected by law? What is the best response?

Mr. Gianforte is a Republican. Would we tolerate similar mistreatment of a Democrat? What harassment must you and I tolerate if we are involved in a newsworthy event? Can national tension be reduced?

Missoula protesters recently did their worst to stop calls for facts and figures on mass immigration of refugees. Police could not defend because there had been no violence, only threats and harassment. Reporters refused balanced coverage.

The tension grows.


John H. (Jack) Wiegman

Missoula, MT