Seat Our New Congressman!

Greg Gianforte

The direction of our country will be decided in the coming months and I’m committed to making sure Montana’s voice is heard in Washington. I’m running to be Montana’s next Congressman because Montanans deserve a champion who will stand strong for our values and our way of life.  

I’m thankful to have built a life, started a small business, and raised a family in Montana.

I fell in love with Montana more than 40 years ago on a class trip backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains. 24 years ago, my wife, Susan, and I chose Montana to raise our four children hunting, fishing, and backpacking on Montana’s public lands. And, when we sat down at our kitchen table to start our company, RightNow Technologies, we chose Montana. At the time, people told us building a global hi-tech business in Montana was impossible. Well, we took on the big corporations in one of the fiercest markets, and Montana won. In fact, we created over 500 high-paying Montana jobs.

I’m not a government insider. I spent my entire career creating jobs in the private sector – from mowing lawns as a teenager to founding five different start-up companies.

I’m not afraid to step up and take on a challenge. That’s why in Congress, you can count on me to stand up to the special interests and help drain the swamp. I’ll always put hardworking Montana families first and will fight to bring accountability and integrity to Washington, D.C.

In the last year and a half, I’ve traveled over 80,000 miles across Montana, visiting all 56 counties multiple times listening to your concerns. I understand the issues Montanans are facing and my commitment is to ensure your voice is always heard in Washington.

In Congress, I’ll fight back against any tax increases. I’ll work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. I’ll protect the promises our country made to our veterans. I’ll fight for our coal and timber jobs and push back against excessive Washington regulations.

I’ll fight to repeal and replace Obamacare with real solutions that lower premiums, preserve rural access, and protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

I’ll always defend Montanans’ right to hunt, fish, and recreate on our public lands because we must keep our public lands in public hands.

I’ll always defend the Second Amendment and stand in strong opposition to any attempts to create a national gun registry.

I’ll fight to strengthen our military to defend our interests and destroy ISIS.

I’ll protect and defend our border—not allow Montana to become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

I’ll support term limits and a ban to end members of Congress from becoming lobbyists. And, I’ll hold the politicians accountable—if they can’t balance the budget, they shouldn’t get paid. No balanced budget, no paycheck.

My word and bond to you is that if elected, I will always be on Montana’s side.

I humbly ask for your vote, so that I can be your voice.