May 25, 2017 Sun Times


Editor’s Note: We received several positive comments about the story we ran for Memorial Day, “Dog Tags From An Angel,” and about the companion article describing how it fell to local, community newspapers to report on the 1943 B-17 crash that occurred in a remote area of Garfield County, Montana.

Among the comments we received was this from Fred Gregorich, younger brother of Ed Gregorich.

Hello, Darryl:

I’m the younger brother of Ed Gregorich, who was the top turret gunner/crew chief of the ill-fated B-17 Flying Fortress that crashed on the Fred Gibson Ranch near Sand Springs, Montana on August 24, 1943.

I appreciate the excellent job your publication did witht he story.

I have many small pieces of the B-17 and pictures of the WWII buildings at the Lewistown airfield. I have to believe it’s the onlyh U.S. Army Air Corps training field left intact in the U.S. Even the original hanger and “hard pads,” (parking area for the B-17s) remain.

Jerry Moline is manager of the [Lewistown] Airport and he is the keeper of the three-ring binders that hold hundreds of photos and articles of the Lewistown Air Base.

I’ve been there many times, just super great history.

Fred Gregorich