Team Recognized During Valley Fun Day Parade

They rode into Simms during this year’s Valley Fun Day parade atop fire trucks - including the Valley’s newest and brightest.

It was a procession worthy of World Champions. These champions, as Rednek Robotics team leader Chuck Merja put it, come from “small town Montana.”

These champions rode the parade carrying their trophies - one for their win in late April at the World Championship held in Houston, Texas.

The latest trophy is from the Festival of Champions held in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire, according to Merja, the team took on the winners from the St. Louis, Missouri World Champions.

The World Championship, says Merja, “is like winning the World Series in Baseball or the Super Bowl in football.

Merja said that the team has been very fortunate. “More than  5,000 teams started the year, and kids from small town Montana ended up at the top.”

Merja added that in the last three out or four years “our kids have been in the World Championship match and they won two out of those three... no other team in the world can say that.”