Sailfish Head West

Alexis McWilliams High Point Winner, Hamilton Meet

By Julie Gibson

The Sailfish answered the call to head west for their first two meets in July. Plains Swim Meet was July 1st and 2nd and the Sailfish provided some pre-fourth fireworks of their own! To start the meet off in the individual events, Tana Gough set the standard and took off 8 seconds in her 200 IM for a nail biting race. A full 2 body lengths behind the first place swimmer in the last 25 yards, Tana dug deep to miss first place by a tenth of a second! Following Tana, little brother Kolt swam his heart out and took 5 seconds off of his 25 free to make it into Sunday’s finals. Toryn Martinez joined the mix and used her beautiful long stroke in the 50 Free to put herself in the first place position for Sunday’s Championship Heat. Both Kolt and Remington swam the 50 Free for the first time and made it to Sunday! To top off the day Remington Gough took off 10 seconds in his 25 backstroke to qualify for Sundays finals. With the first day completed the team headed to Ripples Ice Cream Parlor to celebrate a highly successful day.

Sunday started off with a bang when Dakota Gibson took off 15 seconds in the 200 free to meet a personal goal of earning a pool record time! Tristan Gibson added personal best times in both the 100 back and the 100 breast. Riley Gough scrapped it out in the backstroke and the 50 free to take 2 seconds off her best times and earned 2nd in both races as an under year swimmer! Toryn Martinez took off time in her 50 free and showcased a beautiful 50 backstroke to claim 1st in both races. With a great meet completed the Sailfish headed home. Individual results are below.

The second call to head west was answered as the Sailfish traveled to Hamilton. Saturday’s highlights included several personal bests. Tristan Gibson dove into his I.M. with determination and true grit to earn 3rd place and a personal best by taking off 3.5 seconds. Tana Gough earned her I.M. personal best by 2 seconds while Riley Gough took off 5 seconds for another I.M. personal best.

With strong pulls and great breathing technique Kolt Gough made his final touch in the 50 free to take off 5 seconds. Not to be outdone by his older siblings, Remington Gough kicked his way to take 13 seconds off in the 50 free. The next Sailfish to earn a personal best was Brooke McWilliams in the 50 free, and then she executed an excellent Breaststroke and advanced to Sunday’s Championship Heat with the top time.

Sunday morning the bar was set high when Dakota Gibson took off 5 seconds for another personal best in the 200 free. In a scrappy fight to the finish race, Toryn Martinez took off time for a personal best in her 50 backstroke and claimed the 2nd place ribbon. The Breaststroke found the Sailfish’s two senior division swimmers, Alexis McWilliams and Levi Gibson, as top seeds and both swimmers gutted it out to earn first. Intermediate swimmer, Tristan Gibson took off 3 seconds on Saturday in his backstroke to set up one of the most highly contested races in the meet.  Stroke for stroke Tristan matched the top seeded competitor and shaved off another full second for a close 2nd place. Levi Gibson earned the team’s final personal best of the day in the 100 backstroke for a team  total of 21 personal bests! To top off a great meet the points were tallied and Alexis McWilliams claimed the highpoint trophy for her age group. Individual results are below.

Plains-Gibson, Dakota 2nd Fly, 3rd 100 Free, 3rd I.M., Pool Record time 200 Free, Tristan 1st Back, 2nd 200 I.M., 2nd Breast. Gough, Kolt 9th Back, 11th 25 Free, 11th 50 Free, 9th Back, Remington 7th Back, 12th 50 Free, Riley 2nd Back, 2nd 50 Free, 3rd 50 Breast, Tana 2nd 200 I.M., 4th Fly, 4th Back. Martinez, Toryn 1st 50 Free, 1st Back, 3rd 100 Free.

Hamilton-Gibson,Dakota 2nd 200 Free, 2nd I.M. Relay, 4th 100 Free, Tristan 3rd I.M., 2nd Breast, 2nd Back, Levi 1st Breast, 3rd Back, 2nd Fly, Gough,Kolt 11th Back, 12th 50 Free, Remington 10th Back, 11th Free, Riley 8th Breast, 4th Free Relay, 4th 50 Free, 3rd 50 Back, Tana 2nd I.M. Relay, 4th Free Relay, 3rd I.M. Relay, 4th Back. Martinez,Toryn 2nd Back, 2nd 50 Free, 2nd I.M. Relay, 3rd 100 Free, 4th Free Relay. McWilliams,Alexis 1st 50 Free, 1st Breast, 2nd 100 Free, Brooke 2nd I.M. Relay, 4th Free Relay, 5th Breast, 5th 50 Free, 8th Back.