Percussion Workshop For Aspiring Drummers


To share his knowledge of percussion with the community, Jared Smith will be hosting a free drum workshop with Mr. Ben Watson at Fairfield High School.

Graduating next year, Jared wanted to do something that could help Fairfield’s music program for years to come.

As a way to support the music program, Jared spoke with Mr. Watson about offering a free workshop where anyone could come for a few hours to learn the basics of percussion. Fairfield High School band teacher Mr. Watson commented, “I am so pleased that Jared is willing to share his talent with aspiring percussionists. This will be a fun learning experience for those who participate in the workshop.”

The workshop will go over the basics of percussion starting with proper grip, technique, and posture.  Once students have mastered these basic preparation principles, the clinic will cover the rudiments of percussion playing technique.  By the end of the workshop, students will have the foundational knowledge to be excellent contributors to their bands.

“I am a life-long percussionist and would welcome the opportunity to share some of what I know with others,” said Jared about the workshop.

The percussion workshop will be hosted July 20th at Fairfield High School from 2-5 P.M.

Also visit for more information and to register