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Three Town Employees Earn Nominations From Montana Rural Water

Three Town Employees Earn Nominations From Montana Rural Water

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It’s not unusual for one, maybe two, of our Town of Fairfield employees to earn recognition for a job well done.

That’s just the kind of people we have making sure the town “works” on a daily basis.

But to have three town crew members to earn nominations by the same organization - that’s a big deal.

Recently, Montana Rural Water Systems, Inc., which is based in Great Falls, notified mayor Bob Swartz that Tammy Comer, Nick Dale and Chuck Dale were all nominated for different awards.

Tammy Comer, who serves as the town clerk and treasurer, was nominated for the Clerk Award.

According to the notice from Rural Water, Tammy “has been an integral part to the work of the Town of Fairfield has performed to return to compliance. Her determined work with compiling system records, reports and maintaining good communication with state funding agencies, contract engineers and MT DEQ (Montana Department of Environmental Quality) have all been an essential part of reaching compliance.

Tammy’s warm greeting when dealing with the public enhances the relationship between her office and the town. Her dedicated effort completes a team that is working to make the Town of Fairfield a better place.”

Also nominated are Jodie Campbell, Town of Cascade; Chelsea Peterson, City of Thompson Falls and Michelle (Mimi) Wilderman, Bigfork Water & Sewer District.

Fairfield’s Nick Dale has been nominated for the Wastewater Operator Achievement Award.

Nick’s nomination reads, “Nick has worked diligently on operations of the newly completed wastewater lagoon system and resolving various issues. His daily monitoring inspections help to prevent a catastrophic failure of the dike infrastructure this past year.

In addition to all his regular operational duties, Nick also assists with the water system operations and vital public works equipment maintenance.

Nick’s work performance continues to be a huge asset to improve the town’s utility services and is immensely appreciated by the Fairfield community.”

Also nominated are Vernal Fellon, Town of Circle and Levi Warehime, City of Choteau.

Town of Fairfield crew member Chuck Dale earned the nomination for Water Specialist Achievement Award.

Chuck’s nomination reads, “Chuck has continued to bring a keen attention to resolving operational issues for the public water system’s groundwater wells, chlorination system and telemetry system.

In addition to his regular operational water system duties, Chuck also assists with the operation of the wastewater lagoon system, equipment maintenance and snow removal for the town. Chuck’s work performance has been a huge asset to improve the town’s utility services and is immensely appreciated by the Fairfield Community.”

Also nominated for this award are the staff of Crisp Water Technologies: Kelsey Crisp Staninger, Harrison Smith, Matt Valett, Ken Crisp, Giselle Smith and Brea Dehn; Sandra White Eagle, Assiniboine & Sioux Rural Water Supply System and James (Rusty) South with the Vaughn County Water and Sewer District.

Mike Maples, with the City of Choteau, earned a nomination for the Director of Public Works/Management Award. Also nominated for this award are Dan Murphy, Town of Fairview; Joe Paine, Town of Circle and Jim Truelove with the City of Malta.