With safety concerns and unknown numbers who might attend the few remaining activities for the 2020 Fair-field Swim Day celebration, the 2020 Junior Women’s Club & Friends Swim Day committee has decided to cancel everything but the golf scramble.

Meeting on June 17, the committee canceled both the parade and barbecue in the park. Previously canceled for this year were the Thursday night dinner and ice cream social and silent auction, the Saturday morning breakfast and Saturday noon barbecue. These events have been canceled mainly due to space limitations. Other challenges include the organizers of some of those events not being able to assist this year and the potential difficulty in purchasing the needed meat at a reasonable price for the Saturday barbecue.

The committee had established a “go, no go” deadline of June 20 for the events still being considered. Spokes-women for the group said there are just too many unknown factors to continue planning for the parade and barbecue. The group contacted a few of the groups who have previously participated in the parade and some were unsure whether they would do so this year. Factoring in there will be no class reunion float this year and eliminating those who generally walk the parade route, it was uncertain whether there would be enough entries to even hold the pa-rade.

Chief among the reasons for canceling the barbecue was estimating how much food to prepare. The COVID-19 guidelines for serving food would also be challenging.

The golf scramble, traditionally one of the largest money makers for Swim Day, is one of the easiest events to hold under the health concerns, given it is held outdoors.

The four-person scramble will be held on Friday, July 17. To assure social distancing and aid in contact trac-ing, organizer Marshall Lagge is asking golfers to pre-register. Lagge can be contacted at 868-1946. The golf scram-ble starts at 3:30 p.m. and is $40 a person. A hamburger meal is included with the fee and will be delivered to the golfers on the course. This is a fun scramble with no prizes being given away.

Sponsors are still being accepted for golf holes for the scramble. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole, con-tact Lagge or Mitch Johnson at 467-2531.

The committee is working with the Teton County Board of Health in hosting the tournament. If for some rea-son status of health concerns in the state or county change, the committee has agreed the tournament can be canceled at any point.

For those who would still like to contribute to the annual fundraiser that helps the Fairfield pool, donations are always appreciated.

The town is working on changing the restrooms and dressing rooms at the pool to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements in two phases with a combined cost of $70,000. The town is also raising $15,000 for the purchase of a slide for the pool. Donations may be sent to the town of Fairfield (P.O. Box 8, Fairfield, MT 59436) or dropped off at the Town Office at 411 Central Ave. Please note which project you would like your dona-tion to go toward, or give to Fairfield Swim Day for general pool operations. General donations can be sent to Mar-ci Shaw at First Bank of Montana (P.O. Box 9, Fairfield, MT 59436) or dropped off at First Bank of Montana at 321 Central Ave.

The committee is also working on a way donations can be made online. Those interested in using this method are encouraged to check the Swim Day Facebook page for additional details as they are made available.

Members of the Swim Day Committee are: Amanda Brown, Megan Caffyn, Logan Clark, Tammy Comer, Vonnie Jacobson, Callie Lagge, Allesha and Sherlyn Lear, Helen Music, Chelsea Schilling, Marci Shaw and Trudy Whitmore.