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(The Center Square) – Montana is the ninth least stressed state in the U.S., according to a new study, in large part because of financial, family and health-related factors.

Personal finance website Wallethub ranked the states based on more than 40 indicators across categories such as average number of hours worked per week, personal bankruptcy rate and average number of hours of adequate sleep by adults in the state.

"Montana is the ninth least stressed state. ... it boasts short commutes and high job security," Wallethub analysts Jill Gonzalez said. "Its residents also have high credit scores, and less than a third of adults worry about money."

Montana ranked fifth best on family-related issues.

"Montana has the second lowest share of single parents – 12%, a low percentage of parents without emotional support, 14%, and just 6.5% of parents who changed or quit their jobs due to problems with child care," Gonzalez said.

"Health related stress is also at a low level throughout the state. Only about 14% of adults are in poor health, unaffordability of doctor visits was reported among just 11% of residents, and the state has a large number of psychologists per capita. In addition, the physical activity rate is the third highest, and about two thirds of adults report getting adequate sleep."

Overall, Nevada ranked as the most stressed state, followed by Louisiana and New Mexico.

South Dakota ranked as the least stressed state, followed by Utah and Minnesota.

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