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CHEYENNE, Wyo. - On Sept. 13, Senator John Barrasso paid tribute to Wyoming Veteran Rylee McCollum and announced the birth of McCollum's daughter.

McCollum was one of the 13 veterans killed in the Kabul bombings in Afghanistan on Aug. 27.

During his speech, Sen. Barrasso shared testimony from McCollum's family who said McCollum wanted to be a Marine from the very beginning.

Sen. Barrasso went on to share that McCollum signed on to be a Marine on his 18th birthday and hoped to return to Wyoming after serving to teach history and coach wrestling.

In the video of his speech, as Sen. Barrasso began talking about McCollum's wife, the poster image behind him is switched from a photo of McCollum to a photo of his newborn child.

McCollum's wife gave birth to their daughter, Levi Rylee Rose, on Sept. 13 at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. 

"What Rylee McCollum loved, was protecting others. What Rylee McCollum loved, was service. What Rylee McCollum loved, was America... Rylee McCollum is an American hero. His name will always be held in honor throughout Wyoming," Sen. Barrasso concluded.

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