Toby's House

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing immediate refuge and safety for children.  It is a non-profit, relying on donations and grants.

A crisis nursery is a licensed facility providing short term, non-medical residential care and supervision for children under six years of age, voluntarily brought by a parent or legal guardian due to a family crisis or stressful situation for no-cost childcare.

The not-for-profit Crisis Nursery will offer supportive services that link parents and caregivers to community resources to help parents cope and problem solve while keeping the child safe.  It provides an option for parents to leave their children in the care of safe and dedicated caregivers, offering support in times of need.  

There has been a 72% increase in new child abuse cases in Cascade County. Infants and toddlers are the most vulnerable to child abuse and neglect, often resulting in death.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) at Zion Lutheran Church in Power, Montana will be spearheading a food drive to stock the kitchen at Toby’s House with non-perishables.  

Needed items are:  baby food Formula 0-12 months, canned vegetables, children’s snacks (Goldfish, pretzels, cheese crackers, granola bars, etc), baby cereal (oatmeal and rice), infant snacks (puffs, yogurt bites, banana cookies) and spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc).

Items should be dropped of at Zion Lutheran Church in Power by Sunday, September 27.  If the church is not open, contact Marge Simonson (463-2205) or Carla Pfeifle (463-2218)

 “We are thrilled to announce that we will be receiving a Thrivent Grant so we can also help them out by purchasing kitchen items such as a crock pot, electric fry pan, instant pot,” said Carla Pfeifle.”