Signatures Being Gathered In Teton County To Dissolve County Hospital District

Left to right: Jackie Weist, Eva Anseth and Bill Lattin review the signatures on the petition to dissolve the Teton County Hospital District. The petition is located at the Fairfield Town Hall.

Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers

Teton County Montana Sign

Volunteers are still working to gather signatures to dissolve the Teton County Hospital District which is no longer necessary since it no longer owns a hospital.   At this time, about 1000 signatures are still needed so we are asking for help from the property owners who are in favor of this action;  please take time to sign the petition.  If you would like to sign the petition but have not been contacted, petitions are available for you to sign at the Fairfield City Office, Fairfield Drug Inc.  or the Beary Patch Quilt and Coffee or you may call one of the volunteers listed below.  We have set a goal to gather the remaining signatures by the end of June

The benefits of dissolving the District include eliminating the need for a five member Board, removing the 6 mil tax levy from the books (it has not been collected the last 3 years but this will remove it from the tax roll) and allowing the monies currently in the Hospital District account ($499,757.03 as of April 30, 2019) to be used for other health related services.   

In order to accomplish all of this, state law requires that a petition signed by at least 51% of the property owners in the District be presented to the Teton County Commissioners to ask them to dissolve the District before they can take action to do so.  Signing the Petition will NOT  harm or affect Benefis Teton Medical Center which is now privately owned.

If you need someone to stop by with a petition or if you would like to help gather signatures in your neighborhood in the Fairfield area, please contact Patti Blauer (590-3811) Lin Wright (467-3398) Jackie Weist (799-0954) or Eva Anseth (466-2334).

Thank you!  With your help we can reach our goal of obtaining enough signatures by June 30th.

Eva Anseth

Choteau, MT  59422


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