Mark Valentine 2 (copy)

Mark Valentine, whose family said they had not heard from in a year, was found safe this week by Missoula police at a motel. Content Exchange

Missoula police have located a Pennsylvania man whose family had filed a missing persons report last week. 

Mark Valentine was found safe and sound Thursday at a motel in town, said Sgt. and Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. 

Donna Patterson, Valentine's sister, had alerted authorities earlier this month that his family had not heard from him in more than a year. They were concerned when they learned from police his vehicle had been towed and impounded earlier this year and there was no sign he had tried to retrieve it. 

"I feel so good," Patterson said Friday. "I'm so glad he's alive. Like I said, it wasn't in my brother's nature to leave his car in a place like that. Here it turns out he didn't know it was an illegal parking spot."

Patterson said she's been in contact with her brother, and that he promised to stay in better touch with his family from here on out. 

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