Abandoned Wells

Drilling 2013 Norstra Well

A crew on a drilling rig works into the night drilling along the Rocky Mountain Front in 2013.

In the Loring Field of Phillips County, the Fee 1861-2 was approved for final abandonment procedures. Scout Energy Management LLC of Dallas, Texas was the operator of record for the well, which had a surface hole location (SHL) at NE SE 18-36N-31E (1360 FSL/1213 FEL).

Drilled in 1984, the well first produced from the Bowdoin Formation.

In Hill County, three NorthWestern Energy Wells were approved for abandonment. The Bessette 7-3-35-17, with an SHL at NE NW 7-35N-17E (902 FNL/2089 FWL) and the Bessette 9-14-35-16, with an SHL at SE SW 9-35N-16E (994 FSL/1420 FWL).

The Bessette 7-3-35-17 was drilled in 2007 and produced gas from the Niobrara Formation. The Bessette 9-14-35-16 was drilled in 2008 and produced gas from the Judith River and Eagle formations.

In Pondera County, the TMCBSU 14-4, located in the Cut Bank Field, was approved for final abandonment procedures. Miami Oil Producers, Inc. of Reno, Nevada is the operator of record for the well, which is located at C NE NE 14-31N-6W (660 FNL/660 FEL).

Re-Issued Locations


A test flare of the BNV Eagle 1 well near Augusta lights up the Montana sky.

Calgary Alberta-based Thor Resources USA, LLC was approved for two re-issued permits for wildcat wells. The Laas 22-14 is located in Liberty County with an SHL at S2 N2 14-33N-4E (2630 FNL/2630 FWL) and will target the Souris River Formation at a proposed depth of 5,585 feet.

The Thor Kevin 04-04-33N-1W will located in Toole County with an SHL at NW NW 4-33N-1W (1254 FNL/1083 FWL). The Thor Kevin will aim for the Precambrian Undifferentiated at a prosed depth of 4,508 feet.


Drilling a Bakken Formation well near Sidney Montana

Cattle graze near a oil well drilling rig working near Sidney, Montana.

Kraken Operating, LLC has been busy, reporting five wildcat completions for wildcats.

The Taylor LW 14-23 #1H has an SHL at SE SW 11-25N-58E (420 FSL/2020 FWL) and two laterals with two bottom hole locations (BHL) of 19,699 feet at NW SW 23-25N-58E (1540 FSL/25 FWL) and 21,003 feet at SE SE 22-25N-58E (237 FSL/1 FEL), with both laters tapping the Bakken Formation. The well reported an initial production (IP) of 846 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), 608 thousand cubic feet of gas per day (MCFPD) and 2,582 barrels of water per day.

The Taylor 14-23 #2H has an SHL at SE SW 11-25N-58E (420 FSL/2053 FWL) and a BHL of 20,802 feet at SW SW 23-25N-58E (235 FSL/1181 FWL). The Bakken producer reported an IP of 912 BOPD, 662 MCFPD and 2,484 BWPD.

The Taylor 14-23 #3H has an SHL at SE SW 11-25N-58E (420 FSL/2086 FWL) and a BHL of 20,636 feet at SE SW 23-25N-58E (237 FSL/2345 FWL). The 3H reported an IP of 921 BOPD, 582 MCFPD and 2,415 BWPD from the Bakken Formation.

With an SHL at SE SW 11-25N-58E (420 FSL/2119 FWL) and a BHL of 20,873 feet at SW SE 23-25N-58E (238 FSL/1737 FEL), Kraken’s Taylor 14-23 #4H came in with a reported IP of 1,005 BOPD, 636 MCFPD and 2,592 BWPD. The well produces from the Bakken Formation.

Also producing from the Bakken, and also reporting an IP of 1,005 BOPD is the last of the Kraken completions, the Taylor 14-23 #5H, located at an SHL of SE SW 11-25N-58E (420 FSL/2152 FWL). The well has two laterals, with a BHL of 12,578 at SE NE 14-25N-58E (1826 FNL/553 FEL) and a BHL of 21,080 at SE SE 23-25N-58E (238 FSL/537 FEL). The #5H reported an IP of 672 MCFPD and 2,511 BWPD.

Converted to Injection

Will Rigs Come Back To Front?

Members of the Milford Colony, south of Augusta, visit the drill-site of the Milford Colony 13-11 as the surface casing was being drilled late last year.

MCR, LLC was approved for the conversion of two wells, one in Liberty and the other in Toole Counties to injection, both in the Whitlash Field.

The I.A. Wallace 10 is located at NE NE 8-37N-4E (360 FNL/660 FEL) in Liberty County. The well was drilled in 1961 by Shell Oil Company. When it was “brought in,” the well produced 8 barrels of oil per day on pump. The well produced  ocassionally over the year, reporting the last production in May of this year. Production was from the Swift Formation.

The E. Brown 3, in Toole County, has an SHL at C SE SE 12-37N-3E (660 FSL/660 FEL). It was drilled in 1952 Western Natural Gas Co. The well produced from the Swift Formation.