Montana Masonic Foundation Donates $1400 To Augusta School

Left to right: Tim Love, Alan T. Frohberg and Jody Brown.

Fairfield Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers

Last Wednesday, Alan T. Frohberg visited Augusta High School and presented the school with a check for $1399. Tim Love and Jody Brown accepted the check on behalf of the school. Frohberg, with the Montana Masonic Foundation, told the Sun Times that the foundation had distributed $50,000 to schools in the state this year. Montana Masonic Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that is supported by the Freemasons of Montana. Typically, the Masons are known for the “Bikes for Books” and “Kindles for Kids” programs.

Augusta High School teacher Jody Brown said the money would be used to purchase new textbooks and equipment that will be put to use for optics experiments in the physics and physical science classes.

Tim Love,, said of the donation, “This establishes that the Masonic Lodge puts a high value on education.

Love and Brown are both members of the Augusta Masonic Lodge.

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