Montana Hope Project Chase and Family

Courtesy: Montana Hope Project

HELENA, Mont. - In 1984, a group of Montana Highway Patrol Officers reached out to some kids with life-threatening illnesses and decided to take them and their families on a trip to Glacier National Park... and from that, the Montana Hope Project was born. 

So far, they've granted 507 wishes and welcomed those kids into the wish-kid family. 

8-year-old Chase Prog was the 507th and is the 3rd kid this year to get a wish; and in 16 days, he and his family will be going to Disney World thanks to the Montana Hope Project. 

"So we're excited here to send him and his family off," said Trooper Ryan Janes, the Montana Hope Project President.

Chase was born with a heart condition called TGA, or Transposition of the Great Arteries; a birth defect of the heart where the main pulmonary artery and the aorta are switched in position. 

On top of TGA, he was also born with underdeveloped lungs, his mom saying he was very blue. 

"At six days old, he had his first open heart surgery to save his life. That worked great for about six months, and at six months he went in for round number two," said Traci, Chase's mom. 

So at just 8-years-old, Chase's life has been filled with doctors appointment after doctors appointment. 

"He's my hero. I call him my little Superman, so he's super strong," said Traci. 

His mom says having something to look forward to is bringing a smile to his face. 

"To see him actually light up and not worry about a doctor's appointment or something like that, it's kind of life changing and awesome," said Traci. 

Chase says he's most looking forward to the rides and getting a lightsaber as Star Wars is his favorite movie. 

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