Kim Ramorini

Kim Ramorini

Augusta is thrilled to welcome home Kim Ramorini, Augusta Public School’s new Superintendent/Principal. Ramorini attended school in Augusta herself. She left Montana for California in 2006 following her husband and his professional golf career (it is a bit of a challenge to play golf in the snow!).

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Ramorini has experience teaching high school math and physical education, 5th grade to 8th grade studies, and is currently teaching 7th and 8th grade math. She asserts, “I am well-rounded to cover a school with diverse ages in one school.” Ramorini teaches 185 student in her classes now, and she sees that as an advantage, along with her organizational skills.

She always had her sights on returning to Montana, and after coming back to visit her ill grandmother last year, the timing all fell into place for her to bring her 4-year-old twins, Trey and Leila, 2-year-old Mallory, and her husband back to the community she knows. When the position came up, she “went for it and everything fell into place.”

After her children were born, Ramorini did not feel like California was the place to raise them. She says she had a great childhood and a great education in Augusta and wants the same for her children.

When asked about her agenda, Ramorini remarked “Augusta school is a source of pride, and I want to maintain that.” She has no plans on changing anything yet and looks forward to starting on the job July 1.

When queried about her new principal, 2021 senior Rylee Shalz comments that she is excited for the change but also appreciates that all that current principal, Matt Genger, has done for the school. She likes the fact that Ramorini knows the community, but also expanded her perspective in another state.

Macyn Mahlum, also a 2021 senior, states, ”I am excited to see what she brings to the school and her new, fresh perspective.”