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Future Fairfield Tennis Pros Enjoy Camp

Future Fairfield Tennis Pros Enjoy Camp

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Last week a free tennis camp was put on by Dianne Bremer and me (Emily Clotfelter). It went Monday through Wednesday and was split into two groups of older and younger players. They worked on forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, and playing out points. All of the players were hardworking and showed up ready to get better with smiles on their faces. Throughout the days, I wanted the players to learn or improve their technique and get a good feel for how to hit the ball correctly, but ultimately, I wanted them to have lots of fun and help nurture a love for the sport of tennis.

My love for this sport is the reason I put on the camp. It is a great sport in many aspects and more people should play it. Tennis is a great way to exercise while having fun and will improve footwork and hand-eye coordination skills that can be used in any sport. You can also play tennis for almost your entire life! These are some of the reasons that I love tennis, and I wanted to share this with other people, especially the younger kids, so that maybe they too will find something that can love and have as a passion.