GREAT FALLS - The Montana VA Health Care System (MTVAHCS) is excited to announce that Great Falls-area Veterans will now receive care at a new VA Clinic located at 1400 29th Street South, Suite 1. A grand opening event last week officially marked the opening of the new clinic, which is the first VA outpatient clinic in Montana to be designed around the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) model.

Montana Veterans receive care through the PACT health care model at all VA sites of care and this Great Falls clinic will be the first MTVAHCS site where the physical clinical space is designed to support the PACT care model. In the PACT model, each patient is assigned to a team which consists of a primary care provider, a registered nurse care manager, a licensed practical nurse or medical assistant, and an administrative clerk. This model interweaves health care that is Veteran-centric, highly accessible, comprehensive, and coordinated in order to improve Veterans’ care experiences and health.

“Our goal at the MTVAHCS is to always be a leader in providing integrated and holistic health care for our Veterans,” said MTVAHCS’s Executive Director, Dr. Judy Hayman. “Our Great Falls clinic now ensures a Veteran’s health care team is literally a door away. The clinical environment of the design ensures Veterans have a streamlined health care experience and have increased access with their primary care teams. Going forward, the MTVAHCS is excited to bring this design model to all our sites of care.”

The new Great Falls VA outpatient clinic will serve Veterans with increased space (from 9,600 square feet to 16,000 square feet). At the clinic, Veterans can access primary care services, mental health services, specialty telehealth care (e.g. audiology, retinal scanning), home-based primary care (for Veterans who are physically unable to access care in-clinic), and sleep disorder, laboratory, group therapy, and transportation services.

“Our Great Falls PACT teams are excited to deliver all the unique health care advantages this clinic offers to our Veterans,” said Ray Tierney, RN, Clinic Manager for the Great Falls VA Outpatient Clinic. “Each staff member works for the MTVAHCS because we are called to serve Veterans and give them compassionate and state-of-the-art care. This clinic allows us to collaborate as health care experts to ensure every Veteran has easy access to all their health care options.”

The grand opening ceremony took place Friday, July 31st.

MTVAHCS’s overall trust scores—which derive from Veteran rankings of their health care experiences—are at a historic high. MTVAHCS provides healthcare to Veterans across Montana through a series of community-based clinics, the Miles City Community Living Center (Montana VA’s only federal nursing home), an acute care medical center, a nationally acclaimed sleep center, and robust telehealth services.

The MTVAHCS serves over 47,000 enrolled Veterans across Montana—an area roughly 147,000 square miles in size. Veterans are cared for by a staff of 1,400 at 17 sites of care across the state.  One third of MTVAHCS employees are Veterans.