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An email security breech that lead to a Montana Public Service Commissioner’s emails being posted on a conservative blog has sparked an investigation at the government agency.

Justin Kraske, chief legal counsel at the Montana Public Service Commission, confirmed Thursday that Commissioner Roger Koopman’s email account had been accessed by a third party and the accounts contents, including emails between Koopman and family members, were then posted on Northwest Liberty News a far-right blog.

All indications are someone at the Montana Public Service Commission accessed Koopman’s emails without his knowledge. The emails were taken sometime before Jan. 16. Attorneys for Koopman say some of the information was privileged, meaning that it likely would have been redacted, or not released at all through the normal process that records go through before being released to the public.

“There has been an illegal breach of the system the PSC maintains, which resulted in the confidential private information and even client privileged information of our clients being disclosed publicly," wrote attorneys Milt Datsopoulos and Chris Gallus. “It is paramount that you take steps to eliminate the possibility of further disclosure and to being to mitigate the substantial distress and emotional injury being caused by the release of this higher private information.”

Friday, Kraske scheduled a closed-door meeting for Feb. 18 with commissioners to discuss the stolen emails.

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