Augusta School

K-1st Grade

Community Items: 1 bottle of glue; 3 large glue sticks; 1 box crayons (16 or 24); snacks; 2 pink erasers; 1 box markers

Items labeled with your child’s name: Scissors, 2 pocket folders, PE shoes, water bottle, earphone or ear buds, pencil box

2nd - 3rd - 4th Grade

Scissors, 2 glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, 12 ct colored pencils, 1 composition book (4th grade), #2 pencils, can be mechanical, ruler (standard/metric not bendable), large eraser, earphones, gym shoes, water bottle, no large binders or wired notebooks, pencil box optional

5th - 6th Grade

2 college ruled notebooks, 4 pocket folders, composition book, #2 pencils, black and blue pens, colored pencils, markers/crayons (optional), glue stick, ruler, scissors, earphones or earbuds, water bottle, gym shoes

7th - 12th Grade

Spiral notebooks, 3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, backpack, gym shoes. Students will be given specific lists by teachers the 1st day

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