Last Saturday, the Sun River Watershed Group (SRWG) and Cascade Conservation District hosted a Rain Barrel Workshop and Fundraiser at the Beacon Icehouse. Residents from Great Falls – and from as far away as Conrad and Helena – built and decorated rain barrels for personal lawn and garden use. Barrels are attached to downspouts to capture rain water, conserving water, and reducing storm water runoff, which reduces the amount of pollutants flowing back into rivers and lakes (known as “nonpoint source pollution”). SRWG distributed thirty 30-55 gallon rain barrels, each with the potential to save 1,300 gallons of water per year.


“It was wonderful to see how many people came out and enjoyed this event. We’ve already had requests to have another workshop next year,” enthuses Tracy Wendt, SRWG’s watershed coordinator. “This was a fun way to teach the public about conserving and protecting the Sun River and other local waters. We’re so grateful for our partnership with conservation district and to the Beacon Icehouse and Brian’s Top Notch for being our hosts.”

The Sun River Watershed Group is a local non-profit with a mission to collaboratively protect and restore the resources of the Sun River Watershed and its communities. This cooperative project has been funded in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Cascade Conservation District, Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana, The River Network Program, and The Coca-Cola Company. For more information about SRWG, Tracy Wendt at Be sure to visit and Facebook for information on this and other events hosted by SRWG.