Fairfield Sun Times

Fairfied MT 59436

Dear Editor,

     I want to share about our experiences of a recent weekend which show the kindness and helpfulness of strangers. On Friday, June 19, we hitched up our fifth-wheel in Polson and headed to Great Falls to take our granddaughters to a softball tournament. Everything was going well until after we were over Roger’s Pass and almost to a junction called Bowman’s corner when suddenly a tire on our trailer exploded sending a trail of tire, insulation and siding behind us. Two women, sisters from Sun River named Betty and Mandy, stopped and took charge of jacking up the trailer, removing the shredded tire and putting on the spare. They were awesome!  We couldn’t thank them enough.

     We were soon back on the road, amazed at what had just happened. We hadn’t been driving long when suddenly a tire on the other side of the trailer also exploded!  We didn’t know what to do without another spare!  But soon several different people showed up to help. One man from Fairfield took our first blown tire and drove all the way to Great Falls, bought a new tire on a rim, brought it back and put it on the trailer. Then he wouldn’t take any money for it!  He wanted to set a good example for his two young sons who waited patiently with their mom through the whole process.

     While we waited for the new tire, two other men jacked up the trailer and used their power drill to remove the second blown tire. Another man talked to us about the water leak which happened when the steel from the blowout punctured the water lines under the trailer. He suggested wrapping the lines with Flex Seal tape which we tried after we got to Great Falls.  There was another man who had passed us going the other way when we first stopped. He drove down until he could turn around and came back and offered help. By then we had lots of help so I assured him he didn’t need to stay.

      We thanked everyone again and finally got back on the road. I’m sorry we didn’t get the names of all who helped with the second blowout, but we sincerely hope they know how truly grateful we are for their help.   We are thankful we live in a part of the country where people give up their time to help those in need. We couldn’t help thinking about how much worse everything could have been if it weren’t for the kindness of strangers.

Bob and Karen Gunderson

Polson, Montana