Cable tool drilling rig on display at the Oil Field Museum in Cut Bank

Cable tool drilling rig on display at the Oil Field Museum in Cut Bank.

From the Jan. 19, 1929, issue

Shot Exploded to Free Pipe Brings Gusher

South Dakota entered the ranks of oil producing states and at the same time started what may be one of the worst tangles in oil history when the Ireland well in Red Canyon, five miles northeast of Edgemont, in Fall River County, began flowing after a shot which was placed in the hole at 1,900 feet.

The completion was unexpected, as the well was to be abandoned, the shot being placed to cut off casing so that it could be pulled.

The well has been drilling for years and decision to abandon was reached when attempts to deepen it seemed futile. As a result, many leases had lapsed and there is now doubt as to the status of most of the acreage on the structure.

According to a report from a Montana Oil Journal representative who visited the well, about 50 barrels of oil came out in the first head following the shot.

The well is then reported to have begun flowing and to have continued for 36 hours irregularly, after which it ceased to flow, with oil standing to the top of the casing.

Location is in NE1/4 SW1/4 section 17, township 8 south, range 3 east, on land owned by the Cleveland Stone Company of Cleveland, Ohio, near the site of a grindstone quarry formerly operated by this company.

The Ireland interests, which started the well, are understood to be contemplating actions to ensure participation in the profits that now seem assured, though at the time the well came in it is said to have been in other hands.

The fact that this well actually made some oil is expected to result in more intensive development of South Dakota’s many promising structures, in which interest has been recently growing. The Cosden interests of Texas are now drilling a wildcat near Faith, and similar action on the part of other companies may be expected, now that is has been demonstrated that underground conditions in this state are favorable for the accumulation of oil and gas.