7/13 – 7/17/2020

It was a slow week for the oil patch in regard to permits.

Petroleum County is home to 494 people, according to the 2010 census. According to the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation the county is home to 717 oil and gas wells.

A permit has been re-issued for one of those wells in the West Dome of the Cat Creek Field.

Columbia Petroleum, Ltd., the operator, has been approved to “drill or re-enter” the Fee 1, located at NE NE 12-15N-28E (1200 FNL/328 FEL) to a proposed depth of 2,200 feet into the Ellis Formation.

The Fee 1 was spud on October 17, 1958. The operator at the time was Landheim Land Development Co., Ltd. of Lewistown, Montana.

On December 22, 1959 a well log was filed that reported an initial production of 125 barrels of oil per 24 hours along with 25 barrels of water for the same period.  Production was from the 2nd Cat Creek Sand Formation. According to well records, production settled in at 25 barrels of oil per day and 145 barrels of water per day.