During this lazy Sunday afternoon, working at the Fairfield Sun Times offices in beautiful downtown Fairfield, Montana, I had a call from local artist Diane Hausmann advising me that there was a moose on the loose.

Diane said she had just encountered a moose about a mile west of Fairfield, heading toward town.

I grabbed one of the cameras and my canine sidekick, "Ol' Thump", and headed west on Hwy. 408.

Just out of town I spotted the moose, walking along an irrigation ditch south of the highway.

Back in the truck, I headed over to South Division Lane, and pulled over at the small irrigation ditch and soon the moose came into view from behind the brush, taking short breaks as she walked along the ditch levee.

The big animal stopped and stared back I as snapped a series of shots, but as I got closer she turned back west and headed back.

Just one of the perks of working a small community newspaper... a "moose" break.

Meandering Moose Photographed at Fairfield, Montana

This meandering moose was enjoying a leisurely walk along an irrigation ditch on the outskirts of beautiful downtown Fairfield, Montana on Sunday afternoon.

Fairfield [Montana] Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers